Karen Stevenson

Planning Officer/ Landscape Architect

Why did you become involved with the board?
I joined the board as I am passionate about protecting and improving the amenity of the Town. I was part of the HADAS committee that helped to develop the Vision for Haddington. I intend to be able to bring the Society’s expertise and passion for the Town to assist with the aims and objectives of the Community Development Trust Board. I will be able to draw on the experience and time of other HADAS committee members to assist in developing and delivering the ideas and the agenda for the town centre set out in the original Vision for the town.

What is your connection to Haddington?
I have lived in Haddington since 2007 when I moved to the High Street from Edinburgh. I have grown to enjoy all that Haddington has to offer when I return at the end of the day and at the weekends. My husband works in the countryside team in Haddington and we enjoy the landscape and environment of East Lothian immensely.

What do you want the Trust to achieve?
I would like the Trust to develop itself in tune with the town. Starting with some small but significant initiatives and moving to become a more significant feature of town life, helping to deliver more improvements and helping establish town life.

What else do you do?
I work in Edinburgh as a landscape architect and urban planner for the City of Edinburgh Council. When I am not there I volunteer for Haddington and District Amenity Society (HADAS). I am currently the chair of the society. When I have spare time I enjoy Pilates and the film club in Haddington.


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