Happy New Year from Haddington CDT

On behalf of the board I would like to wish all Haddington Community Development Trust members and supporters a Happy New Year, and take time to reflect on some of the HCDT’s achievements last year. As we begin 2017 the Board of Directors is looking forward to continuing to work towards making “The Vision for Haddington” a reality and realising key objectives from the report. If we are to achieve this, everyone who cares about the future of our town centre can play a part, including businesses, community groups, public organisations and residents. No single person or organisation is responsible: each very much depends on the others, which is why your support is so important and we thank you for that. We hope that the new year will see us continue to build our relationships with other community groups and that the Haddington and District Business Association and Knox Academy find suitable people to fill their nominated Directors on the Board. To keep up to date with all the Trust are doing follow us on @trusthaddington or Facebook

You can also e-mail us direct all@trusthaddington.org.uk with any queries.
Frances Wright – Chair

New Haddington WebsiteHaddington town logo The Hidden Town

One of the key outputs of “The Vision” reports was to “tell the world” about Haddington, and to “market our town centre”. There has been a substantial desire from the community for a Haddington “Town Website” and for the creation of a “brand” for the town. HCDT was delighted to lead on the delivery of the website – www.haddington.org.uk – which we believe is a significant first step in “telling the world”. For the first time, we have a “one stop shop” to tell residents and visitors alike just what is happening in Haddington. What’s more, the site has an excellent section on our town’s incredible history and lots about where to eat, stay and shop. The Trust are delighted that the much anticipated Haddington website was launched in November and believe this will be a real asset for the town. Take look here if you haven’t already seen it and please we would love to hear your feedback positive or negative – this site is for the community so its important that you let us have your suggestions for any improvements that can be made.

Do you organise events?

The website has a prominent events listing that provides a window to the world about events going on in Haddington. We hope that this will mean events held in the town are better advertised and attended – undoubtedly a “win win” for the community and events organisers Click here to register details of your event and if you can include relevant pictures thats even better.

Working Together

The HCDT board believes it is critically important that the community works together to turn the Vision into reality. This will only happen if we all work together, and there is some evidence of this already. Karen Stevenson, the Haddington and District Amenity Society (HADAS) nominated Director is Chair of the Haddington and Lammermuir Local Area Partnership (HALLAP) Town Centre sub-group. It is this group that has led on the work relating to the Haddington Town Centre Access Strategy, by looking at ways the town centre can be improved to make it a more pleasant place to spend time, walk and cycle in – another key action from the Vision report. HCDT has been involved in this process for a number of months, and we will continue to ensure community engagement throughout the project.

Haddington Town Centre Access Strategy – An update

In early 2016 East Lothian Council secured funding from Sustrans to prepare the Access Strategy as recommended as a key action in the Vision for Haddington report.

The Study was commissioned in partnership with The Haddington and Lammermuir Area Partnership and the Haddington Community Development Trust. LDA Design and JMP were appointed to work with project partners over 2 months to prepare the Strategy.

The Study considered how to make the town centre better for walking and cycling around, how vehicles move through and around the town, the traffic circulation, how to Improve the layout and quality of public spaces, how the spaces could be used and programmed to host a range of use, events, activities, how to improve signage and way finding and car parking.

In June 2016 public consultation events were held and residents were asked to consider traffic circulation, 40% favoured retaining the existing one-way system, 30% favoured returning to the previous two-way system and 30% favoured some form of pedestrianisation on the High Street. The preferred option chosen was to retain and enhance the existing system which retains a one-way system on both Market Street and High Street, allows for two-way traffic on Hardgate with improvements to the road junction at Sidegate/Hardgate/High Street.

What Happens Next?

In 2017 consultants will work with the Trust, East Lothian Council and Community groups to look at:

A review of vehicles and parking
Do we need loading areas, special loading times?
Where should buses stop?
Where and for how long should residents be able to park?
How many parking spaces should we have and where should they go?
How can we use our carparks more efficiently and where can we build another one?
Introduce new signs to direct you around the town and to carparks
Introduce signs to help you find your way round on foot and by bike to the parks, gardens and other places of interest
A design for the town centre
Improvements will be made to the pavements around the George Hotel and in front of Chalmers


We hope you agree that the board have had a successful year in 2016 and will continue your support to help us deliver key objectives from the “Vision for Haddington” in 2017.

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