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adamAll of the board agree that the most important output of “The Vision” report (and by extension the most important part of the Trust’s work) is the need for us all to engage with the Town’s young people. We’re very proud that Adam Linton-Main – a student at Knox Academy – is one of our Directors.

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So, what has been happening? Loads. It’s getting to that time of year where the schoolwork for us seniors at Knox is piling higher than the height we stand at. With exams approaching and university conditions to be met, the pressure is really mounting. I’m in 6th year and sitting only 3 exams. Tell you what, I actually feel sorry for the year below, all of whom are sitting 5 exams, and even more so for the S4`s who sit 7! It’s a crazy amount of work. In my opinion, the month running up to exams is the only time in a year I feel there isn’t enough time in the day: schoolwork, social life, sleeping, sport, it’s like trying to get a sleeping bag back into its case…

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The Haddington community cinema is up and running. This is a fantastic addition to the town for all, especially `us youngsters’. The films they show are great; the Oscar winning “The Revenant” was shown on the 27th of March, and the new “Star Wars” was shown back in January, cutting out long and pricey bus rides uptown in the freezing cold and pouring rain for those too young to drive. A great step in the right direction in my opinion. Also, don’t forget about the new(ish) tennis courts. I’m a huge fan of racket sports: Badminton, table tennis, you name it. Last year Haddington`s shiny new tennis courts were opened; a great way to take a break from the books and get a bit of fresh air.


HCDT Director – and Knox Academy representative – Adam Linton-Main reflects on Christmas for a busy Knox student. In the meantime, to all of our supporters and members, a big “thank you” for your efforts in 2015. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

“Christmas time!” Supposedly a time of joy but those in years 4-6 of Knox have less joyous intentions over the Christmas holidays. The pressure of prelims permeates as the frantic 2 weeks of revision begins. Teachers always say “have a good holiday guys and don’t do too much work. Oh remember, your 2000 word assignment is due in after the break.” Its a hard life…

It’s a case of do or die for many of Knox’s 6th years who have the intentions of going to Uni. Applications have been sent off and the seemingly endless wait for replies has begun. It’s so competitive `these days’; required grades to get into university have sky-rocketed in recent years, meaning our generation has to work all the harder.

There are other pressures this time of year that individuals with a large workload could do without. Christmas presents; the annual “how well do you know your relatives test” in which you must guess what people want. Where to celebrate new years? Luckily, there are a few things in Haddington to help entertain youngsters. The Jericho cafe is a place where you and your mates can go play pool, games consoles or express your artistic side. There are also regular and diverse events held at Haddington’s Bridge centre, like the games club, gym classes and music classes. Often there is too much time in the Christmas holidays for those not in 4th, 5th and 6th years and getting out of the house to socialize with your mates in a place like the Bridge Centre can be a great way to pass the time.

Also, doesn’t Haddington look great this time of year? I love the atmosphere in the town during winter, the excitement building and building before the 25th.

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