Adam Linton-Main

Student of Knox Academy

Why did you become involved with the board?
To provide a link between the younger generation of Haddington to those who have the potential to make the town a better, more fun and more rounded place to live for them.

What is your connection to Haddington?
It’s the town i have lived in since moving from Fife in 2005 and the place I have been educated from primary 2 up to year 6 in secondary school.

What do you want the trust to achieve?
Make Haddington a great place to live for those under the age of 18. There is very little to do except go to the Aubigny Centre. I want facilities available in Edinburgh to become accessible in Haddington, such as cinemas (such as the one opening in the Corn Exchange).

What else do you do?
I like a variety of sports, recently I’ve been really enjoying playing badminton. I love cycling, in particular road cycling, and swimming are activities I am passionate about. Socialising with my mates, outdoors or through computers is a wet weather hobby of mine.

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